onsdag 31 augusti 2011

Superrea hos A Million Little Things

Precis som många amerikanska småföretagare så har Jill svårt att få affärerna att gå ihop just nu och hon kommer tyvärr tvingas att stänga sin butik efter att ha investerat år, hjärta och mycket privat kapital. Just nu är det därför 50% rabatt på allt i butiken (uppge MUSTGO). A million Little Things är en underbar affär och Jill ger alltid bästa service. Jag håller därför tummarna för att hon lyckas i sina förhoppningar om att kunna återstarta butiken under nya förutsättningar.

Passa på och superfynda hos A Million Little Things.

Utdrag från Jills brev:

It is with a very heavy heart that I sit at my PC this afternoon to send this email. As many of you many have noticed from the lack of new product coming into A Million Little Things the past few months things have hit a very low point with the store. We have tried our best to survive the last 18 months and bring in new product, in spite of our decline, but as is with many small businesses these days we have reached a point where the money coming in does not allow us to continue to spend.

I am still fighting putting up that store closing sign for the time being. I hope to be able to restructure, reduce inventory and get some of our expenses under control in hopes of hopping back in for CHA Winter, but only time will tell. We will be upping the discount in the store until further notice.

Effective immediately and until further notice save 50% on every order in the store!! Please remember everything is marked down at least 10% already, so you will be saving at least 60% off wholesale prices and even more on discounted clearance and special items! Enter the code MUSTGO at checkout to receive the 50% off your order. With this code you will be paying less for every item in the store than we did!! Please note that a $10 minimum order will be required to use this coupon code. Because this is an "at loss" sale for us, we once again will not be honoring the free shipping/discounted international shipping. However we do charge ACTUAL shipping, so what it costs me to ship your box is what you will be charged. Please remember estimates in your cart often look high when you checkout, but they are always adjusted to at cost shipping. I do not make money on your shipping dollars, and I will use the best shipping method for each and every order whethter that be parcel post, flat rate boxes, fedex or UPS. I am more than happy to let you know the shipping charge before your order is shipped. Please leave a note in your comments box when you checkout if you need a shipping quote.

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